Author Topic: Pujols to Angels, 10 yrs, $250-260M  (Read 2617 times)

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Re: Pujols to Angels, 10 yrs, $250-260M
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Well they did get LeBroned.  Kinda Sorta.

He shopped which teams he wanted to go to and ditched his previous digs!

Well then every free agent who ever signs with another team LeBron's their previous team.

He already won two world series' with the Cards, unlike LeBron and Cleveland, and he didn't host an hour special to decide which team he was going to. :lol:

What is the use for any amount of money above about 10 mil?

Nothing really but I guess the main thing is to make sure your family is left with enough money. I mean, 10 mil is perfect amount but 250 mil is even better. Now when you're in the double digit  billions then there's no point... Which is why Bill Gates is the man for giving most of his money up for research and such.