Author Topic: Pujols to Angels, 10 yrs, $250-260M  (Read 2405 times)

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Re: Pujols to Angels, 10 yrs, $250-260M
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Now, time for Rizzo / The lerners to give Zimmn about 7-8 years - $175-$180 MM right NOW.  After that, start thinking about Strasburg. (edit)

Im with you!  If we get Prince, extending Zimm and him may betoo much.

I thought St.  Louis was even with FL.  So when Miami pulled out, I would have thought St Louis was a done deal.  I mean they have a great fanbase where probably 95% have Pujols on their back!  Im shocked!

1.  That it was for sooo much!  Can you imagine what Prince is going to ask for now?!
2.  That it wasn't St. LOIUS.  You cant accept less and be a home boy? (Guess the Cal Ripken type player is over).

Maybe he sees homself as DHing in the future.