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Re: Board Nostalgia
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Right.  Now it's moderated to death.  Can't post links, and lots of posts and even whole threads get deleted if the mods think it's not something they want publicized.

They do have a lot of deletions, but they've allowed me to be highly critical of ownership on a regular basis with hardly any moderation, so as long as you stay away from links and certain topics (things that would get a thread moved to Uncensored here) it's a really good board.

For the most part they have a good core group of regulars, quite different from the old days when there were lots more posters but also a lot of visitors from Baltimore.  The number of posters is a bit lower than WNFF, so the strong personalities stand out a bit more.  I tend to be board agnostic and post in the threads that interest me, whether they be here, on the MLB board, on BPGs, or on the various blogs.