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Ok, I plan to renew my contract with AT&T in Feb, but I'm not sure what phone to go with. My funds are limited, so I'm looking to spend under $100 if possible for a smart phone. Any suggestions? I don't care whether it's a droid or iPhone as I have no loyalty to either. Just looking for bang for the buck etc... I'd like one that has a decent hdd to use instead of my iPod at the gym, but it's not a deal breaker.

is your contract expiring? If so, you're getting ripped off if you're not taking full advantage of the subsidy (for instance, an unlocked iphone 5 16 gb can be had for $750, so you save $550 whereas and HTC ONE X- a good phone- is $400 off contract, $100 on, so you're savings is only $300). I'd consider a Nexus 4- starting at $299 (currently sold out) straight from google (more initial outlay) and the going prepay (more than making up for the initial outlay)