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If the RAZR HD had a release date announced I would have held out as I expect it will have a better battery and screen and likely better phone call quality, but it might not be released for months so I pulled the trigger on the SGIII.  I've got 30 days to change my mind.

As far as the skin goes, the Blur on my Droid X was absolutely terrible but I replaced it with a third party launcher and never had a problem.  I've read a number of complaints that vanilla ICS is too vanilla, so even with no skin the phones aren't perfect.

The bloatware just doesn't bother me.  Sure I'd rather have a phone without it, but I don't open my app drawer very often so I hardly notice that it's there.

Waiting for Christmas will of course mean that better phones are available as these things continue to improve at an amazing pace.  But the one thing I'd watch for is that the manufactures rush the new phones out in order to get the Christmas sales, they tend to have some issues.