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Re: Android Thread
« Reply #125: March 09, 2012, 07:20:15 PM »
Like I said earlier, ASUS Transformer Prime. In regards to others comments on specs, ASUS Transformer destroys iPad2, and probably will be a tossup with the 3. But the ability to turn it totally into a laptop with the keyboard dock, even with the pad to control a mouse.... Transformer Prime is THE best tablet out right now, and almost certainly will be when the new iPad comes out.

But between Fire and iPad3? That's laughable if cost isn't a huge issue, iPad3. Hardware destroys the Fire + screen size.

The Prime is sweet, only problem is that I'm stuck using my slow old laptop while my kids play Rip Tide and the other games.  I'm going to have to root it so that I can hide apps like GTA and any other shooters I download.