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All I care about is having something that will read PDFs, I could really give a crap about the rest.

Well, PDFs bring to mind Adobe Flash. You can read PdFs on anything, so honestly, I'd say go the cheapest route and get a fire. But another Android advantage, for some insane reason, Apple will never, ever apparently support Flash on iPads. Android? Not so much. I give Apple major props for being the first to release a tablet and taking a huge chance, and enjoyed it for years. But they limit their products so god damn much, and Android is a decent tablet OS in itself with tons of apps. I just don't see a reason to get an iPad over Android unless price were a factor, and since its Apple we are talking about, Android Tablets will always win the price war too. People will buy iPads because they are the "it" thing to own and to look cool and brag, but Android, and particularly the Transformer Prime or Fire depending on your usage, are the only logical tablet purchases on the marketplace today imarketplace

Unless you own nothing but Apple products, a Mac, iPhone, Air, Apple printer, etc. It drove me freaking nuts that I couldn't print to my HP printer on my iPad, and Apples only solution was buy an overpriced and under functioning Apple printer or go blow. Crap like that is why the iPad will always be inferior now that there are competitors on the tablet marketplace, and well designed hardware and software wise ones. Apple just has to control too damn much. Same goes for apps in the marketplace, everything having to be g-rated and family friendly. Give me some hardcore pictures apps and at least the choice to buy them, I don't need mommy Apple telling me what to buy. It's like GTA3. I've been enjoying replaying that on my Transformer Prime. Good luck ever having Apple approve such a despicable game for the iTunes app marketplace. There are so many advantages to Android over iOS, and most importantly, so few areas where iOS has some functionality or ability Android does not. Like the keyboard halfsmokes posted as an alternative to the Transformer laptop dock. Its a halfassed Bluetooth third party solution without the mouse finger pad functionality. And its Bluetooth, not a hard connection docked to the tablet. For the time being, there are so few advantages to the iPad, and so many areas were the best Apple can do is a half assed solution to try and copy an Android feature. Siri is probably the lone advantage where Android doesn't even compete, and as was posted, even that's coming soon. Right now the iPad still doesn't even have Siri.