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Re: 2012 MLB Draft
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While I am more in favor of going with BPA and upside than 'settling,' I wouldn't mind Marrero. I think everyone here would agree it'd be awesome to have a standout glove at SS at the big league level, helping the staff even further.

If everything works out the way we hope, our offense should be pretty damn good in a couple years. If Harper and Rendon live up to their ability, we have one of the better hitting duos in the league. If they don't, the pick at 16 in this draft won't have anything to do with it. Added to them, Zimmerman and some combo of Lombo/Hood/Goodwin/Morse/Ramos is a lineup that should score pretty good runs. A SS behind the staff we have would make this team top notch.

There are definite concerns at the plate with him, but he did walk more than he struck out(even if only by 1) and he was 3rd on the team in RBI despite his questions. So he seems to be able to do some things at the plate, and coupled with the glove, should make him a solid player at the big league level. Not every player at the big league level is going to be a star.

With that said, Im probably still in the HS pitcher camp. McCullers, Hensley, or Eflin would be on my list. There's a lot of talk that Addison Russell may be able to stick at SS and with his bat, he'd be another high upside selection. I wouldn't even be against a Marcus Stroman selection. In the mid first, even if all he is is a great closer, thats still good value. He would be quick riser in that role, and could even help the big league club in that capacity come September and the playoffs, if we need a boost. You can then try him out in the rotation next year, and go from there. If he is only a reliever, he gives you the flexibility to move Storen for a big league piece, and not have any drop off in the pen.

Definitely a different feel this year. So many directions we could go.