Author Topic: New CBA reached, will be announced next week.  (Read 4285 times)

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Re: New CBA reached, will be announced next week.
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I think it's worst for medium market teams; i.e. the types of teams that are prone to go through normal up/down cycles.

When they're in the middle of the "up" portion of their cycle, they won't be able to re-stock the pantry by signing players for over slot because they'll presumably have draft picks in the latter part of the first round.

I think this only hurts the Nats. :bang:

I am so freaking pissed off.

Just when you think David Stern has cemented his position as the biggest assclown commissioner in sports for the year 2011, Bud Selig comes along and gives him the elbow from the sky.  Un.freaking.believable.