Author Topic: New CBA reached, will be announced next week.  (Read 3954 times)

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Re: New CBA reached, will be announced next week.
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Interesting take.  Sure it's a lot of Boras spin, but do you suppose the Nats might listen to Boras and adopt his strategy?  Pay for the stud high school 2 sport athlete that slips to the middle of the 1st round, and if it ends up that you are going to blow the draft cap, blow it in a big way to get guys who are slipping.  So you don't have a 1st the next year and lose a 1st for the year after next.   More guys will slip the next year, so rinse and repeat. 

If Boras can convince anyone to adopt this approach, it might be the Nats given their relationship.  It almost seems Boras has been using the Nats to establish his theories of how franchises should be run.

I still want to know if there is a limit to how many first rounders you can give up? Can a team go over every year and just be down an additional two first rounders each year?