Author Topic: Nine year contract offer to Pujols from the Marlins  (Read 2711 times)

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Linty - The first championship was Huizenga, of course, not Loria. Loria was owner in 2003.  While he spent money on Pudge and maybe a few other pieces on that team, I don't think he spent on long term contracts to build them. i don't recall the staff other than Beckett.   Was that the year Rentareck had the winning hit?  internally developed, as was Miggy.  IIRC, the 2003 team was made up of a lot of the pieces that dombrowski brought in when he blew up the 1997 team, like Lowell. 

It just has not been Loria's style to go long on anyone (other than Lowell, who was internal).

Note, I only said once! ;)

The ONLY reason to put some weight to it is that he's done this once before... and bought himself a championship. If he wants to, he's certainly got the resources to pull it off again.