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In terms of numbers of games of interleague, will there be more?  It will be spread throughout the year, but in terms of series, I'm think there only needs to be about 6 more, to replace the 6 extra series the NL had to play due to the imbalance.  IOW, instead of having the 15th and 16th NL teams face each other when everyone else had interleague opponents, now that extra series will be 15AL v. 15NL.  So, it is about 18 extra interleague games, but there will not be the situation the Nats were in last year where we had only 5 interleague series.

I still like interleague.  I like the change of parks, the chance to see different players, and the like.  I would rather have the overall record of each league in interleague decide home advantage in the world series than the all star game. 

Playing one inter league game a day will not increase the number.