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Re: Skyrim Thread
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To be honest... I only say that because I can't tell you the number of times as a kid how excited my brother and I would be to get a CPU game for Christmas only to not have it run on our family computer. Dad, who wasn't the most tech savy guy didn't know how to look up the CPU specs... and I was around 10 at the time... so I wasn't really aware of it either... I got burned so many times by this... it just killed my enjoyment of most CPU games.

Oh I feel you.  I'm just accustomed to defending my turf.  But the whole "as a kid" thing definitely resonates with me.  I can afford to blow a few bills on a sweet new video card now, but playing some of my favorite games on out-of-date hardware back in the day was definitely painful.  Much more so than now, in fact.  Any cheap computer now will run a pretty solid % of games decently provided you're willing to dial down the settings a bit.  That's the flip side of "console-itis" - I get to play Skyrim for PC at max settings without having to buy a new video card.

Wasn't UMD here a while back asking about running Skyrim on his laptop?  I would be interested in knowing what kind of settings he's playing on to get acceptable performance.