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Re: Skyrim Thread
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That you think that's a zinger only reveals your console chumpness :mg:  If you're worried about system specs, you belong on a console.  Any PC diehard would know that their rig can play anything out there because they would see to it.  Of course, considering that the graphics on the consoles is roughly equivalent to the "Low" setting on the PC (from what I've heard), I'm guessing any gaming rig built since the 360/PS3 came out could handle Skyrim just fine and still look as good or better than the console versions.


To be honest... I only say that because I can't tell you the number of times as a kid how excited my brother and I would be to get a CPU game for Christmas only to not have it run on our family computer. Dad, who wasn't the most tech savy guy didn't know how to look up the CPU specs... and I was around 10 at the time... so I wasn't really aware of it either... I got burned so many times by this... it just killed my enjoyment of most CPU games.