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Re: Skyrim Thread
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Sure, obviously pc is gping to have better graphics. Still didnt want this type of game on PC, personally. Not because I think it is superior on console, I just dont want to sit down at my PC for four hours when I get home... After sitting at my compiter for 8 hourz at work.

I can see that, but I could easily hook up a 360 controller if I wanted to play that way (and hook the PC up to the big screen).  Personal preference, really, nothing wrong with that :cheers:

At least I know my console can play the games that are made for it.


That you think that's a zinger only reveals your console chumpness :mg:  If you're worried about system specs, you belong on a console.  Any PC diehard would know that their rig can play anything out there because they would see to it.  Of course, considering that the graphics on the consoles is roughly equivalent to the "Low" setting on the PC (from what I've heard), I'm guessing any gaming rig built since the 360/PS3 came out could handle Skyrim just fine and still look as good or better than the console versions.


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Really the biggest knock on consoles for a game like Skyrim is the lack of mod support.  There was a HUGE and very talented modding community for Oblivion and Morrowind, and Skyrim will no doubt be the same.  If not for that (and the fact that I suck at FPS combat with a controller :lol: ) I would have given the console version a serious look.