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Fffuuuu, apparently food doesn't work for alchemy any more. Ehh, I picked up a ton of food.

Also, you can cook to make food.

Oh?  I hadn't actually tried anything beyond the inn keeper's suggestion for healing potions, but I had assumed that food and ingredients were more or less the same thing.  Good to know.  I did notice you could cook though.  Pretty neat, as is the smithing and alchemy (and cooking, tanning, grinding, etc.).  I'm not sure I'll ever use half of them but the immersion factor is nice.

Going to miss being able to whip up bad ass potions any time anywhere, but not having to carry around all the alchemical equipment is nice too.

Amusing that the same game with immortal hitman hiring little girls also inspires English rap.



What the hell? The little girl hired thugs to beat you, Trogdor the burninator, up?

Yup.  And then when I drew the summoned sword I previously posted on her, she responded "ooh, pretty colors" :lol:

Is there even a point to the game or can you do whatever the hell you feel necessary?

There is a main quest and who knows how many side quests (probably hundreds) ranging from fairly involved to trivial (assuming it's like previous TES games), but any and all of it is completely optional.  In fact, I killed the first person I was supposed to talk to after the tutorial.  Judging by Kevrock's post, I'm working on the dungeon that I was supposed to do after that anyway, but it's completely by coincidence.