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Re: Skyrim Thread
« Reply #300: November 27, 2011, 09:25:59 AM »
I may have had a late start but I started with a marathon. :mg:

After one long continous game yesterday, I have gone from zero to half way through level 8. I am quite happy with that considering it is the first time I have played this series. I also went the mage route, High Elf with all perks on destruction, and a few unallocated that I am uncertain what to use them on for now. I have recently bought several spellbooks so I have something else to try out. Any suggestions areas of focus for perks or it generally advisable to be patient?

The game is immersive enough I regret accidently killing my companion NPC (Faendal). He helps me out gets killed for his trouble and loses his girl to that Elf hating Sven.  Granted not enough to stop me from looting his house with his key. Fortunately for me, I nearly completed my archery training with him, granted I rarely actually use a bow. A loophole which I am sure others have noticed is that you can train and reclaim your gold. For some reason, this didn't bother me although I skipped the putting pots and baskets on people's heads loophole. :mg:

The quest I completed after the default one was The Golden Claw variation of Bleak Falls Barrow, although I did it offline so no achievement for me. :devil: or as I am beginning to suspect becasue I have not yet done Enter the Court Wizard.  I ended up wandering around for quite awhile after inadventantly setting a custom destination. Silly n00b, if it is blue and flashing it must be my quest and must be some kind of puzzle. :doh: In the Bleak Falls Barrow quest, it took me three trys to figure out how to kill the Draugr Overlord. After Faendal got killed, it slowed me down for awhile.

As somone new to the game, I initially enjoyed Alchemy (nice to wander around and collect plants) and to a lesser extent Smithing/Forging but as time goes by it seems to be inverting itself. For alchemy, the fail button comes up too often for me, so I suspect I need to get over my reluctance to look up potion combinations on the web. It would be nice if you could get tips like making other things. Granted, I have not seen anyplace yet to enchant anything.

Feel free to add me to Steam chat by removing the spaces in the following Obed_Marsh. Feel free to pass on to other WNFF folks if they are looking for others.

For now, I think I will pause a bit to reflect on where to go with the perks and which quests to take on next. Hot damn, this is quite the immersive, addictive game. I have never played anything like it. I wish I could bind spells to the 1-0 keys and the Razar Naga like in a MMOG.