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Re: Skyrim Thread
« Reply #275: November 25, 2011, 07:06:52 PM »
Today I will share with you a Skyrim story from last night.

So I'm on my way to do a quest for the mage college, and first get distracted collecting crap.  Like this beehive I found.  Catchin' dem bees...

I also come across some revelers.  One of them asks me to have a bottle of mead with him.  I reply "why have one bottle when we could have two bottles!"  He was like freak yeah dude, here, have this awesome amulet! 

About this time, as I pass a kahjiit caravan, I hear some noise.... dragon circling in the distance!  Lets do this!

As I start fighting this guy, I notice my trusty companion Lydia is nowhere to be found.  What the hell, she is sworn to carry my burdens, where'd she go!?  But it's ok, I finish off the dragon without too much trouble.  It's about this time I noticed where Lydia is.  She has apparently decided that this fleeing wolf is a bigger threat than the gigantic creature from legend, and is running around after it like a madwoman with bow drawn and shouting some racist crap about Skyrim is for the Nords even though she's my house carl and I'm a Dunmer.

But the best part is, this crazy nag has chased the wolf into a mammoth herd with their giant shepards.  So they get all pissed off and race towards me.  Out of magicka potions and with very little magicka left, I fought valiantly but alas, I got launched into orbit by a mighty giant clubbing.  Good freaking job, Lydia :?

So, I reload, catch dem bees again, but unfortunately the revelers are gone, so no amulet.  Damn you Lydia!  The dragon is still there, so we go for round two.  This time, it's harder than before.  I'm out of potions and have a tiny sliver of magicka left. 

Looks like this is going to be another fail, but the dragon is SO CLOSE to being dead.  At this point, Lydia, the crazy nag, JUMPS ON THE freakING DRAGON'S HEAD AND STARTS WAILING IT'S freakING BRAINS OUT!!!


After absorbing the slain dragon's soul and finding the nearby word wall, Lydia and I decide to stop and admire the scenery before continuing.

The end.