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Oh, also, what ever you do, DO NOT KILL THE CHICKENS!!!!!!  If you do, it's game over.  And I'm serious.

Whatever.  I killed the chicken and then all the townspeople who naged about it ;)

Except for the invincible children of course :?


yes, you follow a guy for a while until you get the tutorial parts done

He recommended talking to his sister in Riverwood after the tutorial.  I ended up killing her instead (she was one of the mob who attacked me :lol: )

Now I'm just looting some random nearby dungeon/crypt.  Hurray open world games :mg:

then you can go on your own or hire a mercenary to go with you.  Also, the one guy I wanted to get his elbow that I just bashed the hell out of with my war hammer and he was like "hey, watch it."  I'm like "nag, I just freaked yo crap up and that's all you say!?"

I've never been a fan of having AI NPCs "help".  They usually just get in the way.  Granted I haven't tried them in Skyrim yet.