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Re: Skyrim Thread
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I came across some ruins in the western part of Skyrim where I ran into something like 5 Trolls. They came at me one at a time, except for one instance where I fought 2 at once. I destroyed them with ease. I remember how hard they were to kill when I first started playing.  :lol:

I'm pretty much back to being a pure mage at this point.  I've got a nice suit of armor and a pretty decent weapon skill, but my health is far too low to stand toe-to-toe with anything.  That said, the impact destruction perk makes almost any single non-magical enemy an easy fight as long as I don't run out of magicka/potions.  The enemies further north appear to be a lot tougher though, so I'm gonna need some crowd control spells or I'll be easy to mob.