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Re: Skyrim Thread
« Reply #175: November 19, 2011, 06:57:09 PM »
Are there any other massive games that don't require me to be an Orc or a wizard?

Well, in Skyrim you can be a Breton, Nord, Argonian (lizard), Khajiit (cat), Bosmer (wood elf), Dunmer (dark elf), Altmer (high elf), Redguard, or Imperial.

You can play as anything, you could use a one handed sword mace or axe with a shield, or use 2 one handed weapons at once, or use a 2 handed great sword or warhammer or axe, use a one hander with a spell in the other hand, use a bow, be sneaky and use daggers to sneak up and assassinate people.  Whatever.

Fallout 3 is pretty big, isn't it?  From what I understand it's pretty much like an Elder Scrolls game except in a post apocalyptic DC with guns instead of magics.