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Re: Skyrim Thread
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My hand is f'd up from too much mouse usage I think :lol:

As far as the mage build goes, there are a few possibilities. 
A)  My game was some how messed up
B)  Bretons make crappy mages
C)  Only Dunmer make good mages

Because I had a hell of a time doing anything on a Breton mage, but rerolling a Dunmer one and I've had an easy time.

Also, I think I've noticed something that may be a bug.  The flames spell does X damage (forget the exact number) and it does MORE damage to enemies that are on fire.  It's a stream type spell, and if you just go full out dual cast, it takes a LONG time to kill anything.  BUT if you do bursts, their health drops WAY faster.  I don't know if it's intended or a bug, but it seems as if it doesn't proc the extra damage for an enemy being on fire if you just continually spray fire in their faces, where as with the initial burst, they are on fire and and subsequent bursts, you get the dps buff.