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Re: Skyrim Thread
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Ugh, game just froze (360) right after a fight with a bandit chief on my way up to the first Stormcrow quest. Should have saved immediately after but was collection my loot.

Hopefully with the massive popularity of this game (3.4m sales in the first two days, plus however many digital copies were sold - Steam doesn't disclose those numbers), Bethesda will be better about releasing regular patches to address bugs and gameplay issues.  I've had a few CTDs (crash to desktop) so far but not too bad.  There's a tweak circulating for PC that supposedly helps with this, but who knows.

It's fun going on foot to new areas. I found three caves to clear out later and a sunken ship. Awesome game.

Yeah, I love that.  Apparently there are carriages in most towns that will take you to places you haven't been yet (other towns, at least), but I find it more fulfilling to go the long way at least once.  I even walked back from a fort to Whiterun once cuz my horse disappeared on me (was massively overburdened with loot).  Took about 20 (real) minutes