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If we're going by Oblivion's classes, I'd say my character is closest to a Battlemage.  Destruction, Single-handed weapons, and Conjuration are by far my most-used skills, with Alteration taking second place.  I have yet to find a weapon that is better than a bound sword once you factor in the conjuration perks, though obviously there are differences in the way blade, maces, axes, etc. handle and the various side-effects of their power attacks.  I've got my eye out for a bind mace spell.  In a typical fight, I just backpeddle and flamethrow and then power attack when they catch up with me.

If it's a mob, or I'm anticipating a mob, I'll try to use oak flesh and set a rune trap.  Summon Flame Atronach is also extremely handy.  Their aim is much better than mine :lol:

I use a staff that causes 10 seconds of paralysis. I just paralyze the enemy and then flame the hell out of them. Rinse, repeat.