Author Topic: Nationals Park Questions? (2011-2014)  (Read 56808 times)

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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
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What's the point of showing the game on the screen if you're there to watch it live?  If I want to watch a game on a screen, I'll save the bucks and stay home!  The Screen is also for replays but not of controversial calls.

There are a lot of fans sitting in the 400s (I don't know why) who could probably use an enhanced view.  Sitting in the corners there are a couple few plays a game that are not within the sight lines.  Oh, and replays, replays are nice on a big giant screen.  I know that the umpire's union demanded rules about replaying close plays, but I've seen a lot more replays in other parks, so for some reason the team is not taking full advantage of the giant screen the city provided.

What is the point of HD if they only show video about 2% of the time?  Sure it's nice having the line-ups and stats available, but those work just fine on regular old fashioned score boards.