Author Topic: Nationals Park Questions? (2011-2014)  (Read 89711 times)

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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
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O.k. . .   So I am on Stub Hub tonight researching tickets for when I make my pilgrimage to DC in September and I am noticing that seats are really inexpensive in section 222.  Can anyone tell me why that is?  Must be obstructed views, right?

Personally, I like 222.  The seats are a great value for only $10 face.  In fact, that's where my tickets are.  There are always a lot of seats there on StubHub, so I don't know if brokers buy a lot of those seats or what the deal is.  Nothing wrong with them, except I can't see into the furthest part of the RF corner.  Not a huge deal for me.  Great view of the rest of the field and the scoreboard (which is why I hate the Scoreboard Pavilion seats - no view of the main board and their auxiliary boards contain little to no useful information).