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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
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Absolutely agree with this.  Whether or not you liked Kasten, at least he cared enough to talk to fans and put on events like the real FanFest.  Since he left, we got one year of a crappy FanFest thrown together on a weekday afternoon and one year of no FanFest at all.  Kasten actually wandered the stands and interacted with people, something that's sorely missing now.

You guys should read the Caps boards. They treated their STH's like gods prior to 2007. Free swag, player equipment sales, incredible access to the coaches and players, autographs, Fan Conventions, you name it. It has gotten worse every year since '07 to the point where I am envious of the benefits given to Nats STH's.

It is simply the price of success, no point complaining about it. If you guys want a return to the Kasten days in regards to STH treatment then you should really be rooting for a last place finish every year. The more on field success a franchise has, the less they have to do to attract STH's. If the Nats' success continues, you will see the promotions and STH benefits continue to dwindle.