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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
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We are coming for the July 5th game agaisnt the Giants.  We want to get there when gates open at 4:30.  about how long would it take from Vienna station (end of orange line to get to the ballpark greenline)?

Service shouldn't be too bad going in since trains will be running on a rush hour schedule (though the last weekinight game I attended against the Rays, I waited at L'Enfant Plaza and watched FOUR yellow line trains go by before a lone green line, which was already crammed to the gills).  It sounds like you'll be okay boarding at Vienna around 3:00.  With Metro though, be prepared for anything.  Going back to that last game I went to, I got on at West Falls Church around 4:30-4:45.  There was an out-of-service train parked on the platform, preventing inbound trains from entering the station.  After about 15 minutes, someone must have found the keys, so they moved it out of the way and into the pocket track there.  Two stops into the ride, the train broke down, so we had to offload and then cram onto the next train.