Author Topic: Nationals Park Questions? (2011-2014)  (Read 83374 times)

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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
« Reply #275: April 25, 2012, 06:05:51 AM »
Charlie and Dave said that in order to get the promotional drawstring backpack next Thursday (first 30,00 fans), you must enter through the CF gate.  I normally like to enter through another gate to get promotional items - I hope this is a one-time-only deal.

They are giving away 20,000 of them and given our recent attendance for weeknight games I doubt if you will have a problem getting a backpack.  I'll agree though that hopefully this is not the start of a new policy.

As for the backpack itself, I've got a bunch of backs and packs with Nats logos from previous years but I'm passing on this one, I really don't need a back with the MLB logo instead of a curly W.