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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
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Yeah, I'm in 129 as well, and there is next to no cell phone coverage OR wifi. It's like likes dead zone. I was talking with the STh next to me, who also had problems and said if you go two sections over or way, way back, cell phones and wifi work fine. I literally could not get a wifi connection tonight. I dunno if it has something to do with being right over the dugout/they are jamming so players can't use, or there's some strong signal being sent out in the dugout on the same frequency as cell phone and wifi. Like, for example, if the line to the bullpen is wireless and it's a massively strong signal degrading our cell phone and wifi frequencies. Whatever the deal is, it is a problem, it's a problem every night, and it's confined to 128/129/130. Since that's all the sections behind the dugout, I have to believe there is a connection... To our not getting a connection.