Author Topic: Nationals Park Questions? (2011-2014)  (Read 105096 times)

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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
« Reply #125: January 09, 2012, 10:37:37 PM »
From the STH package:
All of the lots around the ball park have an extra 5.35% tax added ($35 lots cost $36.88 etc.).  What is interesting is that the lots that are further away from the park (HH and W) are not subject to the extra tax.  Will the tax be required from fans paying cash on game day?  What a mess that will be if the attendants need to count out pennies in change.  Any idea if the lots not associated with the team are affected by the new tax?

If tax is included then it's already built into the price of the ticket.  That's how all the concessions are done.

What am I missing here?    :shrug: