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Re: Nationals Park Questions?
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I sent a recommendation to the team last season that they get rid of the submarine horn and show fireworks with the volume turned up on the big HD screen if they can't use real fireworks.  Any chance of that happening next season?

Just adding I agree 100%. The submarine horn is awful in comparison to fireworks, almost every major league park uses fireworks and being in DC, fireworks should be a mandatory thing. The horn was a unique idea and worth trying, but it just doesn't work. And that's clearly the majority opinion. I know a few people prefer the horn, but far, far more want the fireworks after a HR or win, and during the national anthem. They just have to come back in 2012.

Also, what news is there about bringing back Friday night fireworks? Everyone enjoyed them, and before I became a STH, I'd make sure I went to Friday games versus other nights for the fireworks show. This really, really, really needs to make a return in 2012. It just isn't the same without the fireworks show. It was an awesome display, and everyone seemed to enjoy it greatly. The fact we only had what, one or two the entirety of last season was a massive disappointment and needs to be rectified.

And as others already said, thanks for taking the time to register here and answer these questions. It is greatly appreciated having a team employee and representative answering questions on here and available to talk with. So many, many thanks.