Author Topic: No "Real" News on P-Nats Stadium. ETA 2014 or worse.  (Read 2464 times)

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I live in Alexandria, and it's nice and easy to get down to the current stadium. If they put it out on I-66, I'd probably swing over to Bowie instead... if there was a piece of land visible from I-95 and on the Occoquan Reservoir, that'd be nice.

While I realize the current location is convenient for you, for 99% of NoVA people, and Md and DC folks, it's a total pain in the ass to get to. I know my first time driving there, I got lost. Never mine it takes forever and you have to deal with mixing bowl traffic. Putting a new stadium on or near 66 would be incredibly ideal. I know I'd catch a ton or games there if they moved it to Fairfax along 66, instead of never going to any games. The last game I went to there was a John Pattersom rehab start, so what, six years ago?

Maybe more than half the reason for that is the stadium is such a piece of crap, but it's also because it's incredibly difficult to get to coming from Falls Church.  I'm definitely excited and looking forward to an official announcement, and hoping we're looking at a location in Fairfax. But god, no matter wher they put it... Blowing up that horrible piece of crap stadium, what has to be one of the worst high A to AAA stadiums in current use is a miracle. When they blow that dump up, you'll hear the heavens rejoicing in ecstasy to be rid of such an awful and filthy ballpark.