Author Topic: 2011 - 12 offseason for other teams  (Read 14474 times)

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Re: 2011 - 12 offseason for other teams
« Reply #225: November 22, 2011, 03:21:46 PM »
I thought you were a stat guy- one pitcher giving you a serious jump in era or whip late in the season?

I also traded for James Shields, giving up Phil Humber, so I went from something like Beckett - CJ Wilson - Humber, Vargas to Felix - Shields -  Beckett - Wilson.  I had gone low on innings, so running about 1/3 of a season with that combo gave me something of a shot.  The big jump I was looking for was wins.  ERA and Whip only needed to move from mid pack to top.   Big trade that burned me was trading Ellsbury and Kotchman for Tex, Gardner, and Farnsworth (again, keeper bargains for short term help).  Tex stunk 2d half of year, was outhomered by Ells, and I ended up needing a bit of average help.