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Bowden's monthly Q&A
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At the end of Jim Bowden's question and answer session with the reporter, he states, "Nobody complained when we were winning. Now they are complaining when they are losing. We had the best record of any team in baseball at home. This is about winning and losing. People that make excuses are losers. I have no place for losers. I don't want to hear about the food. I don't want to hear about the clubhouse. I don't want to hear about the size of the wall, the color of the grass and the depth of the mound. I want to see production and wins. I don't care about that other [stuff]. Winners go and win. Losers complain. I don't want to be around complainers and losers."

He then added, "So for those who want to complain and want to lose, they should come and ask to be traded."

My question to him is, "What does Jim Bowden do if a few key players line up and ask?"