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Re: Follow The Prospects: Brian Goodwin, CF
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Why does Eury Perez need to play CF again? I'm on the fence as to whether he needs to play or not ANYWAY - above rookie ball he has a BB/K ratio of 52/189 in like 1,300 PA. Is no good.

However, he certainly doesn't have to play CF, right? I mean, he needs to develop as a hitter, so play him in LF or something. If he can't play CF we might as well scrap him anyways with the way he hits.

But here are some keys to running a successful franchise:

(1) You don't let a 5-tool player who's already 22 (meaning potentially within a year or two of the majors) wallow in low-A ball all season because a .600 OPS guy is blocking him
(2) You don't refuse to let the less talented guy play LF so you can continue playing the pupu platter of Jesus Valdez, Chris Rahl, and Jimmy Van Ostrand.

Put Eury Perez in LF with regular at bats, let Goodwin bypass the Potomac outfield, and that's that.