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Re: Follow The Prospects: Brian Goodwin, CF
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Goodwin is playing Single A ball. Let's talk about it when he puts up the same numbers in Triple A. Of course, that will be two years from now and the question of whether or not the coaching staff can polish him up will have been answered.

I think what happens in AAA is irrelevant. Talking about him as a gamble during the draft and comparing him to a raw, two sport athlete is making that comparison on them at that point. Hood was raw, period. Goodwin needed work like all kids, but he was a pure baseball player with a feel for the game and awareness at the plate. If you tried comparing them at a higher level, I don't think a comparison fits either. Hood is a guaranteed corner OF that profiles somewhere in the middle of the lineup. Goodwin has a legit shot to play CF, and is a table setter.

I think Michael Taylor is a better Hood comparison than Goodwin. As draftees - kids with real tools but real questions about overall refinement. Hood was definitely more high profile but Taylor has big tools as well.