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Re: Follow The Prospects: Brian Goodwin, CF
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Goodwin is nothing like Hood. Being a good athlete doesn't mean their background was similar. Goodwin has always been a baseball player. Hood was a legitimate football guy. I don't necessarily want to say Goodwin was polished, but he definitely was much further down the developmental path than Hood. The gamble with Goodwin was based on some questions about him leaving UNC and sign ability, based on him being just a sophomore and potential top 10 pick the following year.

As for Purke, definitely disappointing. We don't want to see any setbacks at all. But, we do know the Nats are being very cautious with him. Every pitcher has good and bad days with the arm. If there was any tightness or soreness, you know they're going to take it slow and shut him down. Hopefully we get some encouraging news soon about the situation.

Goodwin always struck me as more Carl Crawford than Hood. Unpolished is a great way to put it. Goodwin is a guy who has gotten by on talent alone. That will soon chance. The question will be can he adjust or will be another 5 tool prospect who never panned out.