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Re: Follow The Prospects: Brian Goodwin, CF
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I interpreted it as, "If he gets off to a fast start, he'll be promoted shortly."

That's correct.

For the record, by fast start, Im not talking 4 or 5 games.

I mean a month or so.

Im generally on the side of not fast tracking kids either, especially at the lower levels. I think once guys get to the higher levels they can move quicker, but at the lower levels, let them take their time.

But if a kid rakes and has the pedigree to support moving quicker than usual, by all means, go for it. I think Goodwin applies. He was a stud high school prospect, played two years at the college level, including the Cape Cod League.

If he's doing very well after 25 games or so, I see no reason to hold him back. Im not talking about a month at each stop, but promoting him to Potomac for the rest of the year isn't that big of a rush IMO.