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Re: Follow The Prospects: Brian Goodwin, CF
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Nice job, but Im going to have to disagree with the Bourn comparison. He profiles to have MUCH more power than Bourn. While Goodwin won't be a 30 HR guy, he should reach at least double digits each year. Compared to the 13 career in 6 seasons for Bourn. I also don't think he's as fast as Bourn. Goodwin has well above average speed, but he's not a burner like Bourn. He might be a guy that gets into the 30's regularly, but I don't think he's a 50/60 guy that pushes for the steals crown on ay ear to year basis.

While it's a little more glowing, and its an absolute best case scenario, Id say he compares more to Andrew McCutcheon. He should get on base quite a bit, hit for a decent average, have some pop, and steal a good amount of bases. I actually dont think he'll be as good as McCutcheon, but he'll be more along the type of him - exciting and can do a bit of everything, as opposed to an all speed guy like Bourn.