Author Topic: Deadspin on Tom Verducci mistakes Verlander for Bob Gibson  (Read 208 times)

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If Tom Verducci Thinks Justin Verlander Pitched Like Bob Gibson, Tom Verducci Has No Idea Who Bob Gibson Is

As for "a game Bob Gibson would have been proud of"...What can we say about how Verlander's performance compares to Bob Gibson's postseason work? Plenty!

• Justin Verlander allowed more runs in 7.1 innings than Bob Gibson allowed in the entire 1967 World Series, in which Gibson started three games and pitched all 27 innings of them.

• Justin Verlander, on the night he saved the Tigers bullpen, pitched 7.1 innings and required 1.2 innings of relief. Bob Gibson, in nine career postseason starts, pitched 81 innings and required 1 inning of relief.

• Bob Gibson won one postseason game by a 7-5 score, the way Verlander did last night. It was Game Seven of the 1964 World Series. Statistically, it was slightly better than Verlander's game—a complete game, 5 runs, 3 walks, 9 strikeouts—and it was the worst game Gibson ever pitched in the postseason.

• If Bob Gibson had given up 4 runs in 7.1 innings in each of his postseason starts, matching Verlander's performance, his postseason record would have been 2-4 with one no-decision, rather than 7-2. The Cardinals would have been winless in the three World Series Gibson pitched in, rather than 2-1, and they would have been eliminated before even reaching the seventh games Gibson pitched and won in 1964 and 1967.