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Should you decide to buy a pair at the terra plana web site, try the code VBHALLOWEEN30. It may still be good for 30% off. You have to sign up for an account at for it to work (that's Vivo's parent company).

I very nearly bought a pair of NEOs, but I was afraid of the sizing. I hate buying shoes over the internet. It's so expensive to ship/return/ship ( has them, and they ship for free, but they are expensive without a discount).

As barefooting season is coming to an end, I need something. I tried on the very good looking Merrells, but didn't like the feel under foot. Everyone else sure raves about them, though.

The New Balance MT20s are a good transitional shoe. Only a 4mm heel lift. In the Spring, they are coming out with their zero lift shoe. That may be the way I go.

does anyone have any experience with vivo shoes- I was going to get a pair of vibrams, but my wife refuses to run or walk with me if I do