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I'm old, run several (or more depending on the body) miles everyday and have never paid more than $59.95 for a pair of running shoes.   I usually buy a make/model that was out 2 years ago.   Ask where you shop if they have any out of stock/fashion shoes.   You may be pleasantly surprised at what they don't have out front.      I don't dress up.   I run at 0300 and wear some of the most raggedy, tattered, used pieces of clothing that you could ever see.   If you're running to be seen, go to the gym around 1 PM and watch yourself in the mirror on the treadmill.   You will NEVER quit on yourself ..  alone ..  at 0330.   Drive on.

BTW .. dressed like that at 0330 may get you stopped by the cops.   Don't ask me how I know.  :)