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I do have a clean place to run. I have never cut my foot running barefoot (and I have run over broken bottle glass, but not the nasty little shards that would imbed themselves). The bottom of my feet are pretty leathery by now.

But think about how to prevent rolling your ankle: you need to eliminate the platform. It's very difficult to sprain your ankle barefoot. Or in barefoot style shoes (VIVOBAREFOOT, Leming, Merrell, Altra, others) that have no height at all and force you to land forefoot.

You roll your ankle when there's a hard edge to roll over. The thicker and taller the cushion and sharper the edge, the more damaging the roll will be.

I think that's just physics.

Yea, I've done that. Not for me. Too many idiots leaving broken bottles and screws around.

So I bought a pair of Brooks Glycerin 10s. Comes with a 15 day trial so we'll so how they are. It says it's for a neutral shoe but it felt like the outer edge was slightly larger. Or maybe it was just the way it fit my foot. Either way, it sounds like what I need to prevent a roll of my ankle. I'll try it em out for the next two weeks. If I like em, I'll just keep em. If not, I'll return them.