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There are so many opinions on this - the new, prevalent one seems to be that the only way to really learn the stride is to take your shoes off and run on smooth pavement - even the Vibram Five Finger site says this now.

The thinking is that if you run on soft surfaces, you will not learn to midfoot strike.

I dunno. I think soft surfaces teach you to pick your knees up, which is key. Hard surfaces teach you to run gently. Frankly, i just like it all. Did three miles barefoot tonight and felt like I could have doubled that. It's so much nicer now that it's warmer and the bottom of my feets aren't cold hardened. Just a great run tonight.

There are a million options for barefoot-style shoes now. Check some of them out. Altra, Vivobarefoot, Merrell, innov-8, etc.

You shouldn't be running in toe shoes on sidewalks either. Not at first anyway.

I use mine on grass hills or trails and usually only to do sprints. I also use them to work out in the gym, but thats for a different reason.