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I started the couch to 5K program, but found the clock timing to be just too difficult. What I did instead was count strides in blocks of 200, so I started running 25 and walking 175, then 50 and 150, then 100 and 100... you get the picture. I'm old (52) so I did not push myself. It took me two months to get to running full time.

I get antsy now I if don't run three miles a day, and five mile days are common. I still run slow, though. Like 11 minute miles. I'm going to work on speed a little more now that I've got some level of CV fitness.

The think that really allowed me to start running again was... doing it barefoot. There are lots of good web sites on barefoot running out there. Barefoot running changes your stride dramatically, so you take shorter steps more frequently and land on your forefoot, outside first then roll in. (very much like when your run in place.) It's murder on your calves for the first month, but knees, hips, back, etc. feel great. There's a park where I run with a paved path around it, without busted glass, etc. I run to it in my shoes (NB MT101s, very low heel lift), then take them off to do my three miles.

For the winter, I'm looking at the Merrell "glove" shoes, which have zero heel lift, zero arch, are very flexible, but do not look like Vibram FFs, a look which I could just not pull off. The Merrells look an awful lot like regular running shoes.

The only downside of barefoot running is you quickly come to hate shoes of any kind. I'm next going to buy some of those driving mocasins to wear to work (the ones that look like loafers) because any heel at all drives me insane.
Can't remember if we have a running thread or not, so if we do, merge this into it please.

Was just wondering if anyone has done the couch to 5k program?

Also, I'm looking for a good armband for the iPhone 4 for running if anyone has any suggestions.