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Re: Red Sox, Francona Part Ways
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I think this is just stupid for the Red Sox, overreaction at it's finest. Francona led them to how many postseasons? How many other teams won two rings in the last seven years? BS. A team with the biggest sense of entitlement making moronic calls based on that entitlement. Let's see how long it'll be until they make the postseason again... I say a long, long time. Unless they go out buying every FA they can and have an even more outrageous payroll. Francona is a good manager, and was a good fit in Boston. Their loss. As a Sox hater, can't say I mourn it. With TB owning despite losing nearly it's entire pitching staff, and having almost every first round pick this last draft, and one of the lowest payrolls out there, Boston was screwed either way. Good riddance.