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Re: BBA Top 20 Prospects
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WOW that is a harsh analysis on Ian considering he is only 21.  Defensively he commits some errors but I have seen him make a lot of good plays too.  His biggest problem is his bat.  Personally I hope he does well and proves people wrong.  He is such a nice guy, very likable personality and works hard every day.  I hope everything comes together for him this season….

he may be a nice guy with a very likable personality....but he's done nothing to warrant the lofty praise that he gets.

he can barely hit High A pitching.  He makes LOTS of errors (not "a few").

his fame is based on 2 outstanding defensive plays he made in Spring Training 2005.  I saw both of those plays, and they were VERY spectacular(he made a heads up play to throw a runner out at home on a high chopper, and he made a diving backhand stab of a liner and threw the runner out from his knees, if I recall correctly).  but he's done nothing since Spring Training 2005 to warrant being included on a top prospect list.

he's not a solid hitter.  he's not a solid fielder.  he just has those 2 plays that nobody can seem to get past.

the fact that 2 years later, people still keep those 2 plays in their head when they rate(or overrate in this case) him, instead of looking at his everyday play boggles me.

sure, he's only 21 and he's got some time to improve, but right now he's done absolutely nothing to warrant being a "top 10 prospect", and he is highly overrated based on 2 isolated plays in ST.