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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 1
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PATHETIC attendance at BlO's stadium - not even Red Sux fans are there.

Announced attendance was 21,786, their lowest for a Red Sox visit since April (when weather no doubt played a role - Nats Park saw some pretty frosty matchdays that month). Looking back over the past few seasons though it seems the Bosox aren't always the consistent draw that the Yankees normally are...last season the Woes had a mid-week series against Boston just before Labour Day weekend and two of the three matches drew less than 20k.

When a team hasn't had a .500 or better season in the present century, it's not hard to find other things to do besides paying major-league prices to watch minor league ball - and even if cheap tickets are available it isn't hard to find other things to do besides fighting traffic, paying parking fees and the like to watch that baseball.

(Worst-ever attendance at Camden Yards was 9,129 for a visit by the Rays on Monday 12th April 2010; Nats Park's worst was 10,999 on Monday 20th September of that same year vs Astros.)