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Potomac Nationals New Stadium Revealed!
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New Ballpark to be Revealed at 2007 Hot Stove Banquet
Silber to address fans and present new ballpark plans

WOODBRIDGE, VA? The agenda for the Potomac Nationals 12th annual Hot Stove Banquet and Silent Auction, which is to be held on Sunday, January 21st at the Hyatt Fair Lakes in Fairfax, Va., is heating up. Team Chairman and CEO, Art Silber will be addressing all of those in attendance regarding the plans for a new ballpark and will be unveiling the artist renderings. Because of this major announcement, the deadline to reserve a seat at the banquet has been extended to Tuesday, January 16th.

Silber?s presentation will be centered on the $22.5 million stadium which has been proposed to replace the Nationals current home G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium. Those in attendance will get a first-hand look at the plans for the new facility and the amenities it will have to offer. Additionally, Silber will discuss the projected timeline as well as the plans to finance the project including the naming rights.

The silent auction will leadoff the festivities beginning at 5:30 p.m., followed by a seated dinner and program featuring keynote speaker Andy Dunn, Director of Minor League Baseball Operations for the Washington Nationals.  Randy Knorr, manager of the Potomac Nationals, will also be a guest speaker at the event. Also scheduled to speak is Congressman Tom Davis and Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chair Corey Stewart.

Every year, the Potomac Nationals receive donations for the silent auction from minor league and major league baseball teams, NFL, NBA and MLS organizations and various Potomac Nationals sponsors.  This year, proceeds from the silent auction will benefit the ziMS Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Washington Nationals? third baseman Ryan Zimmerman.  The ziMS Foundation is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that has affected Zimmerman?s mother.  

Additionally, the banquet will recognize the Potomac Nationals Fan of the Year, and honor the Prince William County High School Baseball and Softball Players of the Year.

Tickets for the Hot Stove Banquet are available for $33 per person and only available in advance.  To reserve your seat at the banquet, please call Jennifer Roccanti at (703) 590-2311 x 224 or e-mail no later than January 16, 2007.

Season tickets for the upcoming 2007 season are on sale now!  For more information, call the Nationals ticket office at (703) 590-2311 x 215.  The P-Nats kick off the 2007 season on the road against the Lynchburg Hillcats on April 5th and celebrate Opening Day at Pfitzner Stadium on April 9th against the Salem Avalanche.

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Potomac Nationals New Stadium Revealed!
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P-Nats negotiating new ballpark

Potomac News & Observer
Staff Writers

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Potomac Nationals owner Art Silber said on Wednesday that "a memorandum of understanding" is being negotiated between the Nationals, the Prince William County Park Authority and Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

The memorandum would require the approval of the board so a new stadium can be built for the Nationals' 2008 season.

The board has not approved a new stadium, but Silber said he hopes approval will come "within the next few weeks."

Silber said the memorandum outlines a 25-year lease in which the Nationals, the Washington Nationals' affiliate in the Class A Carolina League, would agree to lease the park for that time period. The ballclub and county would split the costs of building the park. The agreement also outlines what would happen with the naming rights revenues that might come if a new stadium is built.

Should the plan to build the stadium be approved, the county would issue a $22 million bond that the Nationals and county would split. Silber said the county would own the stadium.

Silber said the new ballpark will have a "capacity of 6,500 with 4,000 fixed seats, spacious grassy seating and picnic areas to accommodate 6,500 fans."

"We have to have a new ballpark if baseball is going to continue to stay in the county," Silber said. "The existing ballpark is literally falling down."

Renovation of 23-year-old Pfitzner Stadium, where the P-Nats play, has been estimated to be more expensive than building a new facility.

He also said several of the major league organizations the team has been affiliated with over the years have gone elsewhere due to the unsatisfactory stadium conditions.

"If we don't build a new ballpark, we won't have baseball in Prince William County," Silber said. "We won't have a place to play. You know how much I love it, and baseball is a big part of my life. But we literally can't play in that ballpark. It's falling apart. It doesn't meet the standards any longer."

Silber said home and opposing clubhouses are in poor condition. He also said the field has no drainage system and the majority of seats are made of steel.

The new ballpark would be built next to Pfitzner Stadium over one of the existing softball fields that county teams use. Before that happens, Silber said, a new softball field would be built to replace the old one. He also said the old park would be used for softball, meaning that four softball fields would be in use instead of three.

Prince William chairman Corey A. Stewart, R-at large, agreed.

"In fact, what's going to happen is we're not going to lose a softball field. The softball field is going to be replaced by another softball field," he said Wednesday.

Supervisor W.S. "Wally" Covington, R-Brentsville, said the supervisors were in a quandary over what to do about the stadium. On one hand, the county has had a good relationship with the ballclub. On the other hand, the county is facing an $18.1 million shortfall in fiscal 2007 that is likely to carry over into fiscal 2008.

"I do think they've been a good amenity for Prince William County and I think an important amenity, but it's a budget issue too," Covington said.

The chance that infrastructure will suffer at the cost of a new stadium worries Covington.

"The question boils down to, 'Are we in a financial crisis? Can we afford to take on risk?' " Covington said. "My feeling is that given the budgets that we're looking at right now, it becomes very difficult for me to lose road money for a ballpark."

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted Tuesday to direct the staff to prepare a budget for 2008 that did not include the stadium.

Covington said any deal to build the stadium would have to be very attractive to the county to get his approval.

"The deal would have to be awfully good and I think there are some things missing at this point," Covington said.

Stewart said getting money for naming rights could make the deal work.

"In the minor leagues, this has begun to generate significant revenues which we are hoping - looking at the prospect of the naming rights offsetting the cost of the stadium by anywhere from five to 10 million dollars or more," Stewart said.

"We could be looking at a fairly negligible impact on our budget," Stewart said.

But losing the ball team is an unattractive option, Covington said.

"Now that the nation's capital has major league baseball and we have the farm team to it here, they're an important part of the community. We're getting a little squeezing on this," Covington said.

Covington couldn't comment further on the deal to build the stadium as negotiations are still under way.

There is no date for a vote to approve building the stadium.

The public will get a chance to voice opinions on the stadium during a public hearing on Jan. 23, Stewart said.

"There's a lot of innuendo out there, rumors and frankly a lot of incorrect information about the impacts of the stadium," he said. "I want the public to know all of that information and I want the public to give us their input of what they think we ought to do."

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Potomac Nationals New Stadium Revealed!
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Man, they are gonna have one ugly center field. I can just imagine a few center fielders not going 100% as they chase down a fly ball when heading towards that wall out there.

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Potomac Nationals New Stadium Revealed!
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Quote from: "Senators2005"
Supervisor W.S. "Wally" Covington, R-Brentsville, said ... "My feeling is that given the budgets that we're looking at right now, it becomes very difficult for me to lose road money for a ballpark."

There is ALWAYS a huge demand for roads in Prince William County, because the idiots in that county government discourage businesses from locating there.  But they do allow lots of home construction, and then demand the rest of the state to pay for roads, so all these homeowners can sit in traffic, to get to jobs in other counties, or DC or MD.